12 super cool machine learning projects you didn’t know were open source and made from JavaScript.


Machine learning has revolutionized many industries and has made a significant contribution to various aspects of our lives. From image recognition and natural language processing to recommendation systems and self-driving vehicles, machine learning has become an essential technology in today’s world.

One of the key factors driving the growth and accessibility of machine learning is the vibrant open source ecosystem. Open source projects have played an essential role in promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation in the field of machine learning.

With that, web platforms like Vercel and Netlify have played an important role by simplifying the deployment process, providing scalability, enabling serverless architecture, facilitating integration with external APIs and services, promoting collaboration and community participation, supporting open source machine learning projects. CI/CD workflows, and provide analytics and monitoring capabilities.

These platforms have allowed developers to focus on building creative machine learning applications while leveraging the power and convenience of cloud-based services, such as the projects you want to learn about.

In this article, we review a list of open source machine learning projects built with JavaScript frameworks, showcasing their incredible capabilities and providing links to demos and source code repositories.

Below is a list of selected open source machine learning projects:

1. AI Photo Restorer

An AI Face Photo Restorer built on Next.js and Replicate. This project uses advanced algorithms to restore old or damaged photos and bring them to life.

Demo: AI Photo Restorer
GitHub: AI Photo Repository

2. Alt Text Generator

Create descriptions for your images using artificial intelligence. This project helps improve web accessibility by automatically generating alt text for images, making them more accessible to visually impaired users.

Demo: Alt Text Generator
GitHub: Alt Text Generator repository

Alternative text generator

3. Extrapolate – AI Aging App

Age-changing AI application powered by Next.js, Replicate, Upstash and Cloudflare R2+ Workers. This project allows users to see what they look like as they age using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Demo: Extrapolate – AI Aging App
GitHub: Extrapolate Repository

Aging application

4. Drawing based on the text

Edit your photos by chatting with an AI model (InstructPix2Pix) powered by Replicate. The project uses natural language processing and computer vision to enable photo editing through conversational interfaces.

Demo: Painting based on text
GitHub: Paint by Text Repository

color to text

5. Inpainter with stable release

Next.js program for inpainting with Stable Diffusion using the Replicate API. This project allows users to seamlessly remove unwanted objects or elements from images.

Demo: Inpainter with stable release
GitHub: Inpainter repository

the painter

6. AI Movie Recommendation Generator

Get show and movie curation recommendations using OpenAI GPT-3 API (text-davinci-003) and Vercel Edge Functions with streaming. The project uses state-of-the-art natural language processing to provide personalized movie and TV show recommendations.

Demo: AI Film Recommendation Generator
GitHub: AI Film Recommendation Generator Repository

Artificial intelligence movie recommendation generator

7. AI Twitter Bio Generator

Create your Twitter bio with OpenAI GPT-3 API (text-davinci-003) and Vercel Edge functions with streaming. This project helps users to create attractive and creative Twitter bios using artificial intelligence based language generation.

Demo: AI Twitter Bio Generator
GitHub: AI Twitter Bio Generator Repository

AI Twitter Bio Generator

8. Scribble Diffusion

Turn your rough design into a refined image using artificial intelligence. Supported by Replicate and ControlNet, this project transforms simple designs into detailed images using the power of deep learning.

Demo: Scribble Diffusion
GitHub: Scribble Diffusion Repository

Scribble Diffusion

9. Example of AI chatbot GPT-3

Simple chatbot implemented with Next.js, API routes and OpenAI SDK (GPT-3). This project shows the capabilities of conversation agents based on artificial intelligence and enables interactive and attractive interactions with users.

GitHub: AI GPT-3 Chatbot Example Repository

GPT-3 AI chatbot example

10. Flask Alt Text Generator

A Flask API that generates descriptions for each image. This project provides an alternative implementation of the Alt Text Generator project that showcases the versatility and flexibility of the underlying technology.

Demo: Flask Alt Text Generator
GitHub: Alt Text Generator Flask repository

Flask Alt Text Generator

11. Artificial intelligence code translator

Use artificial intelligence to translate code from one language to another without worrying about syntax or code bugs.

Demo: AI code translator
GitHub: AI code translator repository

Artificial intelligence code translator

12. Dall-E 2 AI Art Generator

This project uses artificial intelligence to generate images from text, allowing you to produce less and more fantastic masterpieces of art.

GitHub: Dall-E 2 AI Art Generator Repository

Dall-E 2 AI Art Generator


The open source ecosystem has played a vital role in the advancement and accessibility of machine learning. The curated list of open source machine learning projects presented here showcases the incredible capabilities of JavaScript frameworks combined with artificial intelligence technologies.

These projects cover a wide range of applications, from photo retrieval and image generation to recommendation systems and chatbots.

By exploring and contributing to these open source projects, developers can not only learn and apply machine learning techniques, but also contribute to the larger community and foster innovation and progress in AI.

Happy coding!!

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