11 Tips to Make YouTube Load on a MacBook

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms on the planet, but it can be incredibly frustrating when it won’t load on your MacBook. 

Fortunately, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take to try and get YouTube up and running again, which we will share in this article.

1. Poor Internet Connection

A common cause of YouTube not loading on a MacBook is a poor internet connection. 

Make sure that your Mac is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network, or if you’re using an Ethernet cable, check that it’s securely connected to both your computer and router. 

Once you’ve done this, restart both your router and Mac before trying to access YouTube again.

2. Outdated Version of macOS

Another reason why YouTube might not be loading on the MacBook could be due to an old operating system version. You must keep up with the latest software updates from Apple to ensure that all the few features and bug fixes are installed correctly. 

To do this, open System Preferences > Software Update > Check Now to see if there are any available updates for your system.

3. Unsupported Browser

Some older versions of browsers, like Safari, won’t work with certain websites, such as YouTube.

If you’re using an outdated browser, then it could prevent YouTube from loading properly on your MacBook. 

Moreover, there are instances when a browser does not support a specific feature. For instance, learning how to change YouTube to dark mode and then enabling the characteristics of a particular internet browser could cause compatibility issues.

The best way to fix this issue is by downloading a recent version of Safari or Google Chrome, or a different browser, which should enable you to access YouTube without any problems.

4. Lack of Memory Space

If there isn’t enough memory space available on your device, then it can cause various issues, such as YouTube not loading properly or at all on a Mac. 

To free up memory space, delete any unnecessary data or applications from the device, particularly those that use large amounts of storage space like videos or music files, which can also help speed up your computer’s performance in general as well as accessing websites (YouTube) faster and smoother than ever before.

5. Other Applications Running in Background 

Sometimes, suppose multiple applications are running in the background. 

In that case, they can interfere with or slow down other processes, like wanting to access a website like YouTube from a browser window such as Safari or Chrome, leading to potential playback issues or buffering when watching videos online. 

To prevent this, make sure only essential programs are running while you consume content on the internet.

6. Flash Player Issue

Many websites, including YouTube, require Adobe Flash Player to be installed in order for videos/content to display properly. 

If this plugin is not updated, it can lead to errors that prevent playback when visiting streaming sites like YouTube. 

To ensure Flash Player is installed correctly, switch to the System Preferences > Security & Privacy tab and click “Allow” next to the Adobe Flash Player option so that everything runs smoothly when browsing different websites, especially those related to video content such as streaming sites.

7. Outdated Video Drivers

Video drivers are responsible for allowing graphics cards within computers to operate correctly. 

Meaning, if these drivers become out-of-date, then problems with playing back movies and videos may occur, so make sure the drivers remain up-to-date for smooth playback at any time. 

Head over to the System Information window in the Utilities folder, type Graphics/Display, and see what driver version is installed. 

Then download and install the newest version from the manufacturer’s site if needed.

8. Overloading CPU Resources

Be conscious of what tasks are being run simultaneously, because some activities require more processing power than others, leading to the potential for overall system slowdown, including issues connecting streaming sites, video freezing, and buffering during the playback experience. 

So ensure resources aren’t overloaded by closing unnecessary background programs/tabs while watching movie clips/videos online.

9. Incorrect DNS Settings

If incorrect Domain Name Server (DNS) settings are configured within the network adapter, it will pose problems, including difficulty connecting to certain websites. 

For example, YouTube may be unable to load pages at times due to DNS settings being incorrectly set. 

Go to Network Settings to double-check the DNS information and verify that the info is correct. If necessary, input the valid addresses and save changes before restarting the computer. Try connecting to YouTube again.

10. Firewall Restrictions

Another possible reason why Youtube may not be loading correctly is laptop firewall restrictions, preventing certain connections from being made; 

For example, even though the user has allowed site-specific software, the firewall still blocks traffic related to the service leading to possible connection errors and difficulties playing back videos. 

To remedy this problem, either disable the firewall temporarily or re-configure its settings to allow a specific type of traffic to pass through for a given application. 

In the case of Youtube, if a server lets visitors access the page properly after making changes, whichever kind is applied.

11. Antivirus Blocking Access

While antivirus programs are important for keeping safe from malicious software threats, they can restrict access to certain types of sites, e.g., Youtube, where content is viewed or streamed by users depending on the security level selected. 

For example, a high-security setting might be blocking external connections resulting in a failure to load the webpage. 

A solution is to whitelist specific domains or disable the entire feature altogether to allow the use of desired websites without restrictions.

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